Graphicalism is a specific and personal output to design. Art, Music and Design merge and inspire each other, as far as to become a condition, of a strong individual language.

I'm mostly involved with projects that offer me the possibility of using a personal style I developed through the years. This style comes through colours, elements and atmosphere on most of the designs I do, it also has a strong link - sometimes a literal use - of the collage artworks I produce.


Graphicalism is a Creative Freelance Agency I founded in the summer of 2010.
 My name is Lucas Faria, I'm a Brazilian Graphic Designer graduated in London and based in Berlin. I'm also involved with arts and music.

My clients come from a variety of sectors, including Fashion, Alcohol Beverages, Travel, Music, Food, and more, they are spread between Germany, England, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, Brazil and others.

I speak Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and some French.
I work in partnership with Roxanne Borloz what facilitates any contact in French language.

A story

I started my Graphic Design career in Belo Horizonte - Brazil, where I started my B.A. at 
FUMEC University. Soon I got an internship at Maison Arts School, there I was responsible for all the graphic communication creating flyers and adverts for the institution.

Late in 2006 I moved to London - UK, intended to find new horizons for my personal and professional life. Shortly after my arrival, I started working for Internet Dreams Studio - a web design studio in Richmond. There I was in charge of designing website layouts for various purposes, some of them very creative and others more corporative.

After two years in the city I managed to gather all I needed to transfer my nearly finished degree in Brazil to the UCK London College, course I had to attend for further two years to match the local requirements for graduation.
At the very end of my studies I've got a new internship at the Inspiring Interns office, being responsible for all their marketing materials and visual outputs. I worked as an intern for three months and after my graduation I was awarded a fixed position in the company.

In 2010 I have met the curators of Braziliarty, a social enterprise committed in promoting Brazilian culture in the UK, with whom I have worked as a freelancer for one year, designing flyers and invitations for their exhibitions.

Still at Inspiring Interns' office, I was promoted to Art Director in 2011 being in charge of their branding, visual communication and of generating creative ideas to develop their image in the market.

At around this time, I decided to take a solid step with the illustrations I had been developing since my university times, and with a little help from Braziliarty team, I started to promote and engage my works, what rewarded me two personal exhibitions in London - a solo exhibition at 16mm Café, in Soho; another solo of the same works at the Square Pig Pub, in Holborn; and a collective exhibition at Forman's Gallery, part of the Hackney Wicked Festival 2011.

At the end of 2011, I packed my bags and returned to my hometown in Brazil, leaving behind a big network of freelance clients in the UK. Since then I work as a freelancer and have clients from various places in Europe and Brazil.

Today I live in Berlin and keep a balanced schedule between my life as a graphic designer and as an artist. I keep developing my clientele in the city and around Europe, and invest further efforts into producing outstanding collage artworks, as much as for exhibiting them to the public with personal exhibitions.

You can find updates and news about my development on my facebook page: